Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions or would like to talk to a professional painter in Kansas City, please call 816-419-4126 or visit our Contact page.


FAQ: Do you give free estimates?

A: Yes we do. We screen all potential projects prior to visiting to see if we are a good fit for you. Just give us a call and we can discuss your project!


FAQ: Will you give the homeowner a written estimate?

A: Yes, the homeowner will receive a written estimate with a detailed painting/repair plan which indicates areas where work will be done.


FAQ: How much time should I allow for a home estimate by Saints Painting?

A: The average home estimate takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Minor projects can often be evaluated quicker, however, you should allow a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour and if you have extensive painting or repair needs.


FAQ: Do you move furniture? FAQ: Do you protect flooring?

A: Saints Painting will move all furniture in order to provide an clear working area. Furniture will be covered with plastic to protect it from sanding dust, paint, caulking, etc. When work is complete, the furniture will be moved back to its original position. Saints Painting will take all necessary precautions to protect flooring (carpet, hardware, linoleum, and tile) from sanding dust, paint, caulking, etc. Flooring in work areas will be protected with rosin paper, plastic, or drop cloths.


FAQ: Will you fill nail holes and fix flaws in sheetrock?

A: We fill all nail holes from pictures, artwork, etc. If you would not like these holes to be filled, please instruct us not to do so. Also, minor sheetrock imperfections (dents and dings) will be filled and sanded and “nail pops” will be repaired. These items will be repaired as standard procedure. Major sheetrock work (large holes, buckling sheetrock due to settling, sheetrock tape separation, etc.) can be performed by us but will be considered additional repair work and will require additional costs.


FAQ: How do you determine paint, sheen, and color?

A: If at the time the estimate is given, the homeowner has not finalized his or her colors, the estimate will be based on information gathered up to that point. If after the estimate is given, the color selections and/or sheen are different than what the original estimate was based on, there could be additional costs. Also, keep in mind that imperfections in ceilings, walls, and trim become more visible with deeper colors and higher sheens.


FAQ: Do you do pressure washing?

A: Yes. We pressure wash all exterior re-paints to provide a clean substrate to paint over. We use the appropriate additive/soap and scrub brush the exterior as well.


FAQ: How does Saints Painting do surface preparation?

A: Surface preparation is the most important part of a long lasting paint job. Trims and walls are sanded smooth and between coats flaws are fixed and dust is removed. For exteriors we remove and collect all loose paint and prime those areas with bonding primer. All gaps and cracks are caulked and nail holes properly filled. A properly ‘well prepared’ surface will give the finish coat the best possible look and longest life.


FAQ: Do you do wood repair?

A: Yes.


FAQ: How quickly can you finish?

A: All work will be completed without interruption with the exception of inclement weather, illness, etc. Saints Painting reserves the right to determine acceptable weather conditions for proper application. At Saints Painting, we strive to provide the customer with the absolute best quality workmanship, products, and customer service we can. Saints Painting is a name you can trust, and we are grateful and appreciative of the awards and recognition that have been given to us. Call 816-419-4126 for a FREE estimate!

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